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How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice

A good yoga class or session is more than just breathing and movement. It’s about finding balance, releasing negative energy, and focusing attention. In the fast-paced world we live in, sometimes those key concepts get away from us, and it can be challenging to get them back. Anyone looking at enhancing their yoga practice, whether […]

How to Stay Healthy This Winter

‘Tis the season for winter that can bring in cold blizzards, sniffling noses and seasonal gatherings that may distract you from your healthy routine. There are plenty of ways to stay healthy this winter and avoid bad habits with our list below. Balance Your Wellness A small misstep can throw you off balance this winter. […]

7 Gym Bag Essentials for Swimming

If you’re a competitive swimmer, we’re sure you’re familiar with the fact that you have to bring lots of equipment to swim. Although to the average person it may appear that you don’t need much to swim, just some goggles and a swimsuit, professional swimmers know otherwise. The list can go on and on for […]

The 5 Things You Need to Know for Pilates Training

Pilates is becoming a more and more popular form of exercise, and it’s no wonder. With its muscle stretching equipment and focus on core and truck toning; it’s a way to exercise that places emphasis on control, rather than endless reps and muscle exhaustion. It allows you to become lithe and tone, which is probably […]

Beat Winter Weight with Personal Training

Not surprisingly, weight gain during the winter months is a common issue for many people. What can start as a simple pound or two gained in October swiftly builds, especially as the holidays arrive, and there are more “treats” available and large dinners to attend. Combine those extra calories in with the shorter days and […]

5 Reasons to Start Personal Training

You want to give your all to your health and fitness but you’re not quite sure how. Most people have been there, and there are three usual roads they follow. 1)    They just do their best on their own, utilizing their community and their knowledge to the best of their ability. 2)    They […]