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Bethany Athletic Club has state-of-the-art spin cycling equipment and our classes are open to all of our members year round.

what is spin class?


Spin Class combines the convenience of indoor cycling with the fun of a group exercise class. One of our experienced instructors will lead you through a hour-long ride, helping you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health. This low-impact workout is perfect for all fitness levels, and especially for those looking for a workout that is kind to their joints.

what are the benefits of spin class?

If you like working out with friends, and if you’re motivated by a little friendly competition, you’re sure to enjoy your time in spin class. Unlike a ride outdoors, an instructor will help you increase the resistance, mimicking hills and flats.

This workout will help you build cardiovascular endurance and build muscle in your glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings. Indoor cycling is comparable to running, swimming and other cardio machine workouts. In fact, studies find that you’re likely to burn between 400 and 600 calories each class.

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spin class portland, spin class

which muscles are used during spin clasS?

Unlike some cycling studios, Bethany Athletic Club offers spinning classes that work the whole body. Here’s a full breakdown of how your body will be challenged during class:

  •  Glutes: Your glutes will burn as you get up out of the saddle to pedal over the hill

  • Quads: Your quads will be working hard the entire time, especially during periods of high resistance.

  • Hamstrings: Your hamstrings are responsible for pulling those pedals up each and every time, so you’ll definitely feel the difference after a few classes.

  • Core: During our Cycle Sculpt classes, you’ll intersperse some core work on the floor with the rest of the workout

  • Arms: Free weights are incorporated into many of our cycling classes so you can truly get a full body workout

Can beginners join in?

Absolutely! Anyone can join a class and get a great workout. Our instructors are very experienced and can modify the ride to suit you. We recommend coming to the cycle studio ten minutes before class so that the instructor can help fit the bike to your body.

how to get the most out of spin class

We recommend coming to the cycle studio ten minutes before class so that the instructor can help fit the bike to your body. All of our bikes have adjustable seats and handlebars, allowing you to get in the perfect position. Proper alignment during cycling is important so that your knees, back and joints will feel great for the entire ride. Add in a full water bottle, and you’ll be ready for class.

Our new Schwinn® bikes work with standard SPD cycling shoes if you prefer to bring yours from home. Many of our members find that these “clips” help make the class more enjoyable. Some also prefer to wear cycling shorts which have some extra padding. Seat covers can also be found that add extra cushioning to the saddle.


You’ll want to have a towel at your bike before class (you’re going to sweat!). We have hand towels available in the cycling studio so no need to bring your own.

What types of spin classes does bethany athletic club offer?

Here’s a full breakdown of the Spin Classes available at Bethany Athletic Club:


New to cycling or need a refresher? Anyone – experienced or new – can enjoy a ride here. This class begins with set-up and general instructions, then a 40-minute ride that will take you through a variety of “terrain” and simple drills, emphasizing good form while having fun. Come ready to learn and feel yourself becoming more comfortable on the bike!


Get excited for indoor cycling with a class that blasts motivating music while you are led through cycling exercises. You choose the intensity of your workout by adjusting the gears on your bike. Feel yourself getting stronger as you climb hills, build strength and endurance, and sprint!




This is a great combination of cardio and strength to add to your work-out! You’ll work in 12-minute intervals – starting on a bike in the Cycling Studio, followed by strength exercises on the Basketball Court.


The family that cycles together thrives together! This class is designed at a beginner level and kids are welcome to join in. We have a height chart in the studio so you can be sure your kid is ready since children must be able to reach the pedals and maintain proper form on the bike. Even if you don’t have kids, you’re welcome to enjoy the ride!

With so many types of cycling to enjoy, you’re sure to find the right ride!

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