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How do I join Bethany Athletic Club?

Browse our Membership Plan options, then call us at 971-297-3423 to apply to become a member or request a tour of our gym.

Does Bethany Athletic Club offer Joint or Family Memberships options?

Yes! Our gym offers both Couples and Family Memberships. Call Us or visit our Membership Plans page to explore and pick a plan that works best for you.

Does Bethany Athletic Club offer student, senior, or military discount?

Here at Bethany Athletic Club we offer membership plan discounts for active/retired first responders and members of the military or veterans. Learn more about our Gold Membership on our Membership Plan page or call us today!

For seniors we have two membership offers at Bethany Athletic Club.
– Silver Membership: We offer a discounted membership to people over the age of 65.
– Emerald Membership: We offer a completely free membership to people over the age of 90.

We do not offer a student discount.

Does Bethany Athletic Club participate in any insurance or fitness reimbursement programs?

We do not participate with any insurance or fitness reimbursement programs such as Renew Active.

Does Bethany Athletic Club offer Membership Upgrades? What’s included?

Yes! We offer a Premium Membership Upgrade and Unlimited Yoga Classes at Santosha Yoga Upgrade to any Membership Plan.

Premium Members receive additional discounts on personal training packages, swim lessons, free monthly guest passes, 3 hours of childcare at Kid Central free a day, one free kid central event a month, and more!

Does Bethany Athletic Club offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a complimentary 3-day consecutive guest pass for those interested in membership to try out the facility before making a decision.

What can I access with a Bethany Athletic Club offer a free trial?

With a 3-day pass to Bethany Athletic Club, guests have access to most amenities. All 3 floors of the athletic club, including the weight room, indoor track, pools, hot tubs, and all GX classes and youth classes. The only amenities that are not included are: pilates reformer, kid central, personal training, and swim lessons/swim team.

Can I buy a Day Pass or Guest Pass to Bethany Athletic Club?

Anyone can buy a day pass at $20 for adults and $10 for minors.

Anyone who visits Bethany Athletic Club with a current member can purchase a guest pass at $10 for adults and $5 for minors.

What is your guest policy for minors?

Minors must have a youth waiver filled out and signed by their parent/guardian. Minors must be accompanied by someone 18+ to have access to the club, and an adult must stay on site. Guest must be 16+ to utilize the weight floor/cardio deck.

What can I use my club credit for after signing up for a membership?

Your club credit is versatile! Apply it to any on-site services, including personal training sessions, swim lessons, or purchases made at the front desk and our Bistro. For more details, our front desk team is always ready to assist you.

What is the cancellation policy? Is there a fee for breaking my contract?

We are a month-month athletic club, and do not have any locked contracts. If you ever need to cancel a membership, you can do that by submitting a cancellation form. The month in which the notice in the cancellation form is submitted to Bethany Athletic Club will be your final month of billing.

Can I temporarily freeze my membership at Bethany Athletic Club?

Yes! You can freeze your membership for up to 6 calendar months in a year for 30% of your regular monthly dues. If you need to extend the membership freeze longer than 6 months, you will need to submit a new request for an extension.

If you need to freeze your membership for any medical reason, we will freeze your membership at no cost to you with the submission of a doctor’s note and estimated time frame of recovery.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have showers and lockers?

Yes. We have showers as well as public and private lockers in our Men’s, Women’s, and Family Locker Rooms.

How do I get a private locker?

Standard Members can request a private locker for an additional $25 per month. While Premium Members receive a private locker as one of the benefits of a premium membership upgrade.

With private lockers, members can leave daily essentials in the private lockers overnight or for as long as needed. Please DO NOT leave any food OR beverages in the lockers.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have free lockers?

Standard Members and Guest can use any available lockers that do not have a private or VIP plaque on it. Please do not leave your items in free lockers overnight, items will be removed and put in lost and found. 

Can my children use the locker room? 

Children ages 9-12 years old may use the men’s or women’s locker room when accompanied by an adult. Children 13 years or older may use a locker room by themselves. Anyone ages 8 and below may use the family locker room accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have tanning, sauna, or steam rooms?

Yes! We offer both Dry Saunas and Steam Rooms in our Women’s and Men’s locker rooms.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have a basketball court?

Yes. We have 2 basketball courts located inside our gym.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub?

Yes. Here at Bethany Athletic Club, we have three hot tubs – one in both the Men’s and Women’s Locker Room, and one outside by our outdoor pool.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have a running track?

Yes! We are proud to be the only athletic club and gym in the Portland and Beaverton Oregon area to offer an indoor suspension running track.

How many laps around the track for a mile? 

Running or walking 9 laps around our indoor suspension track is equivalent to completing one mile.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have food and beverages available for purchase?

Yes! We offer a variety of healthy and delicious beverages, snacks, and meals at our Bistro. Explore our menu on our Bistro page and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest specials!

Is the Bethany Athletic Club Bistro open to the Public?

Yes! The Bethany Athletic Club Bistro is open to both non-members and members! We require non-members to check in with front desk before we direct them to the Bistro.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have free WiFi?

Yes! We offer complimentary WiFi to all of our guests. 

How old does my child need to be to use the weight floor? 

Members must be at least 13 years old to be able to come into the facility by themselves and have access to all amenities including the weight floor/cardio deck. Guests must be 16+ to use the weight floor/cardio deck and be accompanied by a member 18+. Children 12 years old or younger cannot be in the weight room with you.

How old does my child need to be to walk or run the Indoor Track?

Children 12 years old or younger can utilize our indoor track with a parent/guardian. While children over 13 years old can use the track by themselves.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have Childcare?

Yes. We offer childcare through Kid Central. Kid Central is our in-gym childcare option here at Bethany Athletic Club. Our background-checked and highly trained staff will supervise and play with kids for up to 3 consecutive hours, while parents or guardians utilize our athletic club.

What age is accepted in Kid Central and how much does it cost? 

We accept ages 6 weeks – 8 years old and it is $15 for up to 3 consecutive hours. Parents or guardians must remain in the building while using the drop-in daycare. Premium members have drop-in included for all children on the account for an additional $50 per month.

Can I add a nanny or babysitter to the membership?

Yes! We have a nanny option listed on our “Change request” form. You may add a nanny to your account for an additional $25 a month. The nanny is to accompany the kiddos when they are in the building, not use the facilities on personal time.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have Winter and Summer Camps?

Yes! Here at Bethany Athletic Club, we offer winter and summer camps to families in Portland, Beaverton, and surrounding areas. Visit our Kids Camp page to learn more about our programming and upcoming camps.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have Afterschool Care?

Yes. We offer after school care to elementary-aged children in the Portland and Beaverton area through our BAC Kids Club. We even offer after-school bus pick-up directly from select schools to Bethany Athletic Club. Learn more about BAC Kids Club and school pick-up options here.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have Kids’ Group Fitness Classes?

Yes. Here at Bethany Athletic Club, we offer several group fitness classes specifically designed with kids in mind. Learn more about kids’ group fitness classes and find the most up-to-date schedule here.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have a Kids’ Sports Team?

Yes. We have a Basketball Team and Swim Team here at Bethany Athletic Club. Learn more about our Kids’ Basketball Team here, and our Kids’ Swim Team here.

Can my child attend a group fitness class with me?

Children 13 years or older can attend GX classes with you. If you’re child in under 13 years old, check out of youth class schedule to find a program that fits their interest!

Are group classes included with membership?

Yes! All adult and kids group fitness classes are included.

How old do you have to be to attend group fitness classes?

Members have to be at least 13 years old to attend non-kids’ group fitness classes.

Which group fitness classes are good for beginners?

Many instructors offer modifications in our classes for all fitness levels. That being said, some lower-impact classes here at Bethany Athletic Club include: Balance & Strength, Yoga, TRX Circuit, Body Balance, Tai Chi, and Forever Fitness. Find our group fitness class schedule and descriptions here.

Do I need to bring a mat or equipment?

No. We provide yoga and other workout mats/equipment. You are welcome to bring your own mat.

Where can I find the Group Fitness Schedule?

We offer paper copies to take at the front desk but also have the schedule posted across the club, on our Class Schedule page, and on our app – Bethany Athletic Club, on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Do I have to enroll to take a class?

No. Classes are first come first served.

Where are the group classes held?

All our group fitness classes are held on the second floor of the gym in either our large ceiling-to-floor window GX Room, Mind-Body Studio, Basketball Court, or Cycle Studio. For the in-club directory, you may ask the Front Desk (Member Services) for help and guidance.

Do I have to be a member of Bethany Athletic Club to participate in personal training? 

Yes. Here at BAC, personal training is member-exclusive. This program is member-exclusive due to the high demand for personal training within our community and exists as a service to members of our athletic club. 

I’m interested in personal training at Bethany Athletic Club, what are the first steps I should take? 

You can email aj@bethanyathleticclub.com to receive our free fitness assessment intake form, or you can submit an intake form on our Personal Training page

What is a ‘fitness assessment’? 

At Bethany, every member is entitled to a complimentary one-hour consultation with a trainer. We call this our ‘fitness assessment’. In this assessment, we may discuss different aspects of health such as your training goals, training experience, medical history, or any other relevant information. Depending on your goal, you may undergo a brief physical assessment to gauge different metrics of health as they relate to your goal. You may also undergo an InBody assessment which collects data such as body fat percentages, total skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, and other components. The primary goal of this assessment is to make sure both parties (trainer and client) are on the same page about what we’d like to accomplish with training. Once you’ve completed your fitness assessment, you may begin training. 

What types of personal training sessions or packages does Bethany Athletic Club offer? 

We offer personal training sessions in two different time lengths, 30 and 50-minute options. Beyond the duration, we have packages of 4, 12, and 24 sessions. The more minutes and sessions in the training package, the greater the discount will be. When considering which training duration and package is best for you, personal trainers look at different elements such as your training goals, level of fitness, and schedule. Learn more about personal training costs and how to register on our personal training page.

Who can benefit from personal training? 

Anybody. Whether you’re a professional athlete or new to the gym and the world of fitness, personal training is a great resource for helping you efficiently accomplish your fitness goals. Each client will value different aspects of personal training, but many of our clients enjoy the accountability, peace of mind, and professional advice that comes with training. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, utilizing a personal trainer is the most efficient and convenient way to accomplish your goals. 

At what age are you able to do personal training at Bethany Athletic Club? 

13 years old. We can make exceptions for younger clients depending on your circumstances. To see whether or not you qualify for an exception, email Bethany Athletic Club’s Fitness Lead, Aj at aj@bethanyathleticclub.com

If I’ve had a major injury or surgery, is it safe to start personal training? 

100%. As long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor for physical exercise, personal training can be very advantageous in your recovery to full health. In fact, we strongly recommend master training for individuals that are dealing with past or current injuries and surgeries. For individuals dealing with these ailments, seeking professional help could make a very significant difference in how quickly you can recover to full health. 

How quickly can I start seeing results? 

As with any goal, the harder you work – the faster the results will come. The answer to this is dependent upon your training goals (whether you want to lose/gain 10 or 100 lbs) and your training frequency (working out once per week vs working out 4 times per week).

As a general rule of thumb, for individuals looking to lose/gain 10%+ of their total body weight, we recommend 3+ sessions per week if you want to accomplish your goals quickly. 

Can I request a specific trainer at Bethany Athletic Club? 

Absolutely! Visit our Meet Our Trainer page to explore everyone on the Bethany Athletic Club Personal Training Team. Members are also always encouraged to call us or visit us to discuss and see which trainers align best with your goals and philosophies. So as long as both parties’ schedules align, you are more than welcome to request a specific trainer. 

Do I need to be a member to use the pools and participate in aquatic programming? 

Yes, our swimming pools and aquatic programming like swim lessons, swim team, and aqua classes are member exclusives.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have Open and Lap Swim?

Yes. We offer Open and Lap Swim in our Outdoor and Indoor Pool. Open and Lap Swim times are available every day around scheduled classes and programs. Click to find Bethany Athletic Club’s latest Pool Schedule & Rules.

How many swimming pools does Bethany Athletic Club have?

We have 2 pools here at Bethany Athletic Club. One Indoor Pool and Outdoor Pool.

Can I reserve a pool for parties?

Entire pools can not be reserved for parties due to being a member amenity, however, we can reserve a select number of lanes to allow pool use during your party. 

Does Bethany Athletic Club offer Swim Lessons?

Yes. We offer Semi-Private and Private Swim Lessons for Kids and Adults in the Portland and Beaverton area. Learn more about our swim lessons here.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have Water Exercise Classes?

Yes! We offer water exercise classes each week here at Bethany Athletic Club. Discover our latest schedule and aqua fitness classes here.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have a Swim Team?

Yes! Here at Bethany Athletic Club, we have our amazing swim team – Waves Swim Team. Click to learn more about our swim teams and programming.

Does Bethany Athletic Club have lifeguards?

We do not have any lifeguards on duty during the school year but we do have full-time lifeguards that start in June and run through our summer months into August.

Can we use mermaid fins, floats, masks, snorkels, etc?

We do not allow pool floats in our indoor pool, as this is reserved as a lap swimming pool. The outdoor pool may have club-provided floats or floats approved by BAC if space allows. Mermaid fins are not allowed.