Barre Workout

We now offer regular barre fitness classes in our newly constructed Mindbody studio! Barre is a fun and challenging workout for anyone looking to tighten and tone. For 55 minutes you’ll be led through different exercises to fun and motivating music during which you’ll use any combination of light weights, a small fitness ball and stretch bands to enhance your workout. Most of the class will take place at the ballet barre, but some of it will also take place on a mat or in the center. Each teacher will be a little bit different!

What if I’m not a dancer? There is no dance experience required at all to take a barre class. As long as you can hold on to the barre on the wall, you can take the class!

What should I wear or bring? You should wear comfortable pants, leggings or capris (no shorts recommended since there might be some leg lifts) and a shirt that covers your midriff. All participants in barre classes will need to wear socks. We recommend wearing non-slip socks with sticky rubber grips on the bottom to retain your body’s heat as well as prevent your feet from sliding, but any socks will do. We also recommend bringing a water bottle and a towel since you will be sweating in this class!

Can men take barre class? Yes of course, we welcome everyone to the barre! While you’ll usually find that the majority of students are women, we encourage men to come and try it out. We guarantee they’ll be sweating and feel it the next day, and if they come regularly, they’ll be sure to see the results.

Space is limited, so make sure you sign up in advance to secure your spot!

Go to and log in with your membership card number and password. From there, go to ‘Classes & Courses’ and select ‘Enroll in New Class’. Then, click on ‘View all Class Times’, find the class of your choice on the correct date and click on it- it should change color to show that it is selected. Finally, click on the orange button below it that says ‘Enroll in Class’. After that, you’re all set!

If you have trouble using the website, simply call the front desk at 971-371-7600 and they can manually secure your spot in the class. To cancel your spot in a class, you must call the front desk and have them remove you from the attendee list. If you know you cannot attend, please let us know so that we can open up the spot to another student.

Spots in barre classes will be prioritized to those who have reserved in advance. If reserved students are more than 5 minutes late then their spot is forfeited to walk-ins.