AJ Green

AJ Green Personal Trainer

AJ Green

Trainer & Fitness Lead | He/Him

Trainer Best For Strength & Athletic Training

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About AJ

AJ, our Fitness Lead, is a certified personal trainer, bodybuilding specialist, and athletic coach accredited through the International Sports Science Association. AJ has been in personal training for 7+ years and has helped all types of clients from elderly rehabilitation clients to professional athletes. Outside of work, he competes in natural bodybuilding and powerlifting and is pursuing an Exercise Science degree from Portland State University. AJ’s training philosophy is centered around making small daily improvements that amount to big wins in the path of becoming the best version of yourself.


  • Athletic Coaching & Strength Training

  • Body Transformation/Recomposition

Certifications and Education

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist Certified

  • ISSA Athletic Coach Certified

  • ISSA Nutrition Specialist Certified

  • Associates in Exercise Science

Personal Trainer Aj Green
Personal Trainer Aj Green
Personal Trainer Aj Green