2020 Bethany Athletic Club Summer Camp Procedures & Policies

It is the standard of Bethany Athletic Club to assure an effective program is in place to help prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus during summer camp. These policies and procedures are designed to keep our campers safe while having fun.

Standard Precautions

The following are guidelines from Bethany Athletic Club and the CDC to help reduce the spread of transmission:

               Anyone (camper or employee) who is observed with flu-like symptoms or Covid-19 symptoms per the CDC should be asked to go home.

               Coughs and sneezes should be covered, either with a tissue or the upper sleeve.

               Campers should avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.

               Campers must stay home when you are sick.

               Campers and staff will wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing.

               If soap and water are not readily available, campers and staff will use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. If hands are visibly dirty, soap and water must be used.

All campers will have their temperatures recorded and a staff member will verify that they have a mask.

Employees will use “Standard Precautions,” as outlined by the CDC when the potential exists to come into contact with bodily fluids:

        Staff will wear gloves and masks at all times when there is a potential to come into contact with bodily fluids

        All soiled materials will be disposed of in hazmat bags and placed in the appropriate containers

       Surfaces that have frequent hand contact should be wiped down using a cleaning solution approved to eliminate the flu virus.  All surfaces to be wiped down every 2 hours during quarantine period.  If the approved solution is not available, a mixture of 1 cup bleach per 1-gallon water should be used to help prevent transmission. (Local county health department guidelines will be followed.)  


Precautions Specific to Camp Areas

The following are guidelines to help prevent the spread of transmission specific to areas shared by campers and camp staff:

               Basketball Court/Kid Central/Group X studio

o   All surfaces (tables, stools, equipment) will be sanitized with the approved solution prior to the start of camp each day

o   This routine will be repeated three times each day or every 3 hours

o   A dedicated club attendant will follow behind each group and clean up behind campers as needed


o   Campers will not have access to the locker rooms

o   Only the 2nd floor bathroom will be used by campers

o   A staff member will accompany individual campers to the restrooms and ensure that hands are properly washed

Activity Procedures


o   All equipment will be sanitized before and after use

o   Only campers within the same group will share sanitized equipment


o   When at all possible, materials will be prepackaged to minimize sharing


o   Campers will be grouped according to age

o   Groups will not exceed 10 campers

o   Multiple groups of 10 campers each will remain apart

o   The same campers will stay together for the duration of camp

o   The same camp staffer will stay with the group for the duration of camp

o   Groups will be cycled through Kid Central, the Basketball Court and the Group X room for activities


o   Outdoor activities will be encouraged whenever possible

Campers Will Wear a Mask During Activities

Safety Procedures

               Check-in Procedure

o   All campers will check in at Kid Central at the start of the day

o   Parents will be asked the following questions:

§  Have there been any signs of illness?

§  Has the child been exposed to anyone with Covid 19?

o   All campers will have their temperatures recorded

               General Procedures

o   Campers are encouraged to wear masks when in close proximity

o   All staff will wear masks, maintain distance from campers, and review safety reminders each day with kids

o   Only lunches from home will be allowed and snacks will be prepackaged whenever possible

Communicable Disease Plan

Plan Procedures

The Communicable Disease Plan, designed per the regulations provided by the Oregon Health Authority, outlines the following:

        Protocols to notify the local public health authority of any confirmed COVID-19 cases among campers or staff

        A process and record keeping to assist with contact tracing (if needed)

        A protocol for screening campers and staff for symptoms

        A protocol to restrict from camp any ill or exposed persons

        Possible cessation of camp activities.

Notification Protocols

If the parents of a camper or a camp staffer notify a BAC employee of a confirmed or presumed case, the following steps will be followed:

        Camp for the day will be immediately cancelled

        All campers will be called, detailing the following:

o   Camp is cancelled for 72 hours

o   A confirmed case has occurred

        The BAC facility will close for 72 hours

        A full deep cleaning will be done

Record Keeping

As a part of the daily check-in process, a log will be kept with the following information:

        Child’s name

        Pickup and drop-off times

        Adult completing the pickup and drop-off

        Emergency contact information

        Temperature taken

        Confirmation of screening questions

        Names of staff who will be interacting with the camper

These logs will be maintained by the Camp Coordinator and will be made available to the local health authority if required.

Screening Protocol/Restriction of Exposed Persons

As detailed in previous sections, all campers will be screened upon arrival via temperature checks and screening questions.

If a camper or staff member has been exposed, they will not be allowed back to camp for 14 days.

Possible Cessation of Camp Activities

If campers or staff have been exposed, camp activities will cease for 72 hours while the facility is deep cleaned.