yoga classes near me

Yoga Classes Near Me

The yoga scene in Portland is prolific and endless. If you’re just getting started in your practice, it can be positively overwhelming! On the west side, Bethany Athletic Club offers a variety of classes for every yogi, no matter where they’re at in their journey.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning or you have experience and desire a wider variety of fitness classes, you’ll find the perfect yoga class at BAC to fit your pace!

Yoga Class at Bethany Athletic Club

We are excited to have an athletic facility that’s able to accommodate several different options for those looking for yoga classes. Be sure to look for these classes on the class schedule:

Deep Release Yoga

Feel rejuvenated after this class for restorative yoga that’s fused with mysofacial release. Your instructor will expertly guide you through the movements and yoga poses that are designed to release tension in your fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, bones and nerves.

Gentle Yoga

A gently paced, restorative class that places the main focus on your breathing, posture, flexibility, strength, and balance. This is a perfect class for mature adults, those needing to take it easier on their bodies, and anyone else seeking 55 minutes of peaceful movement.

Iyengar Yoga

This is a form of Hatha Yoga that places emphasis on precision and alignment in performative posture (asana) and breath control (pranyama). Develop strength, mobility, and stability through the asanas as you are aided by props like belts, blocks, and blankets.

Meditative Yoga

Quiet your mind, relax, and embrace the beauty of silence as you sync your mindbody experience. Using props like yoga belts and blocks to encourage proper alignment and reducing your risk of pain or injury, you will be guided through Iyengar yoga poses to do the yoga of meditation.

Vinyasa Flow

If you’re desiring a yoga class that can get you energized while building strength and flexibility, you’ve found your people. Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement” and is designed to seamlessly sync your breath to your body’s movement. Continued movements from one yoga pose to another adds cardiovascular benefits while raising the temperature of your core. This upbeat, creative yoga practice will keep you in the moment as you learn to move into and out of poses gracefully. 

Yin/Yang Yoga

Practice balance and strength in a class that moves at a slow and steady pace. Yin/Yang Yoga teaches you to focus on breathing while holding poses to target connective tissue and muscle engagement. Yin/Yang Yoga works to combine energies to improve your fitness while also promoting healing and relaxation.

Yoga Basics

We welcome beginners! Learn basic yoga poses, technique, and alignment while you improve your balance, flexibility, and strength.

Yoga Flow

This class is a Vinyasa-based yoga class that moves you through the power of breath. The class incorporates energetic movement through a series of poses so that you experience a sense of fluid motion. Feel yourself move through the poses with strength and grace.