Minor Policy

Any junior member under the age of 15 must have an adult in the facility for the entire time that the junior member is there, unless they are 12-14 years old AND have completed the 1 (one) orientation session with a trainer. Junior members under the age of 12  can use all of the facility on their own once they have completed the 1 (one) orientation session with a trainer.

All youth must have instructor approval to take adult classes.

The Bethany Athletic Club is not a daycare company and has no license to have a young child unattended within its doors. Therefore, it is a liability for the club for minors to be unattended in the facility.

This is especially important for our Kids Fitness classes- for Kids Yoga and Kids Zumba, parents must be in the facility and accompany their child (if under the age of 12) in the class. For Sports & Conditioning classes, the parents can observe from the sidelines.

For more information about our Youth Club Orientation Program, you can view it by clicking here: http://bethanyathleticclub.com/membership/junior-programs/.