Kids’ Fitness Program

At Bethany Athletic Club, we pride ourselves in having a family-friendly facility to promote health and wellness to all ages, including our junior members.  We have developed a program for 9-15 year old members to help build trust by giving them more responsibility and access to various areas of the club, without supervision.  For all children under the age of 9, we encourage parents to enjoy the club with their children, but only with direct supervision and only in specified areas of the club.  All children 8 and under must receive a red wristband upon check-in to help our staff indicate the amount of access the child may have.  Please see rules/policies below.

Self-Manager Program

Bethany Athletic Club Members ages 9-15 years old have access to the Self-Manager Program, which gives them the opportunity to be given more responsibility and choices within Bethany Athletic Club.  To become a self-manager, junior members must go through the self-manager orientation program.  Sign-ups for the program are scheduled through the front desk.  Once a self-manager has gone through the orientation, they will be put in the BAC computer system as a self-manager and receive a yellow wristband each time they check into the club.  The rules listed below are a general guideline for behavior; additional rules may apply. Being a Self-Manager is a privilege, not a right, therefore they are expected to have a respectful and mature attitude at all times.  Please note that up until the age of 13, a parent or guardian must remain in the facility at all times.  Please see below for more details on access areas to the club for Self-Managers.

PEAK Performer Program

Bethany Athletic Club Members ages 13-15 years old are eligible to take the PEAK Performer class (after completion of the Self Manager Program) to not only have access to the club without a parent/guardian on the premises, but also have full access to the weight room, cardio equipment and group exercise classes. The class is a 1-hour session with a certified personal trainer during which students will learn how to exercise properly with weight room and cardio equipment, learn proper weight room etiquette, and learn to train different areas of the body. Members can sign their children up for our PEAK Performer Class through our Front Desk Staff. There is no fee for this one time class. Once a PEAK Performer has completed their session, they will be put in the BAC computer system as a PEAK Performer and receive a green wristband each time they check into the club. Please see below for more details on access areas to the club for PEAK Performers.

To learn more about the program and to schedule an appointment for the Youth Club Orientation, please contact Matt Kimmel by emailing him at: or calling 971-371-7600.

We also have great junior fitness options for our young members! Check out our Kids Fitness Class Schedule to get an idea of the type of group fitness classes we offer for all different age groups. We also offer swimming lessons, a competitive youth swim club and much more!